Administration and Operations      
 Dr. Eve M. Hall President & CEO  122
 Marvin Austin Director of Finance  124
 Vanessa Claypool Chief Operating Officer   120
 Sallie A. Brown Chief Program Officer   130
Tangela Wilson Management Support & Special Projects Coordinator  129
Deb Dierbeck Human Resource Consultant   126
Aaron Bledsoe Executive Administrative Assistant   121
 Workforce Development Team      
Shiron Boyd  Workforce Development Project Manager  105

Darnell Lathan Intake Specialist   106
Lisa Grant Receptionist   100
El Amin Abdullah Employment Specialist  135
Brandy Carson Employment Specialist   104
Betty Speed  Employment Specialist   113
Greg Fanning Outreach Specialist  103
Nathaniel K. Lynn Financial Opportunity Center Specialist   137
 Education & Youth Development Team

 Lateff Alston Community Schools Coordinator - North Division High School  133
 Maura Fitzgerald Education and Workforce Support Coordinator  188
Media & Public Relations Staff/Consultants      
 Anita Mogaka  Social Media and Communications Coordinator
 Denise Callaway  Public Relations/Marketing Consultant
 Michael Damond   Website Consultant
 Jeff Cannady Video Consultant
 Yvonne Kemp  Photographer
 Florida Perry-Smith Corporate Event Consultant
 Auxiliary Presidents       
Cynthia Stokes-Murray  MUL Guild
 Jordan Roman  MUL Young Professionals 

Call Us: 414.374.5850

Milwaukee Urban League

435 W. North Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53212

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