Dr. Eve M. Hall  President & CEO  414-374-5339
 Maria Antia  Executive Assistant to the President & CEO   414-374-5341
 Finance & Operations      
 Marvin Austin  Director of Finance & Operations 414-374-5342
 Vanessa Claypool  Operations Manager  414-374-5340
 Penny McGee/Todd Safford  Facility Maintenance    
Programs- Employment, Training & Education      
 Shirron Hines  Director of Programs  414-374-5349
 Brandy Carson  Career Coach  414-374-5351
 Darnell Lathan  Office Support Coordinator   414-374-5350
 Sallie A. Brown  Grant Support & Assessment Consultant   414-374-5344
 Lateff Alston  Coordinator - North Division High School  414-267-4900
 Maura Fitzgerald  Education Support Coordinator  414-374-5345
 Antoine Dukes  Sr. Career Coach  414.526.0963
Community Engagement & Special Events      
 Tangela Wilson  Director of Community Engagement & Special Events  414-374-5343
 Brianna Johnson  Social Media & Communications Specialist  414-374-5313
 Denise Callaway   Public Relations & Marketing Consultant    
 Florida Perry-Smith  Corporate Events & Strategy Consultant
 Michael Damond   Website Consultant
 Cynthia Stokes-Murray  Guild President
 Tiffany Henry  Young Professionals President 

Call Us: 414.374.5850

Milwaukee Urban League

435 W. North Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53212

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