The Milwaukee Urban League (MUL) will be 100 years old in 2019.  This year the MUL will have served the city of Milwaukee for 100 years. The support the MUL provides to Milwaukee is critical to the most vulnerable in our community. That is why the signature programs MUL offers help community members obtain employment, restore a revoked or lost driver’s license, and address child support issues. We are making a difference and serving as change agents in our community.

Moving forward on our Journey to 100, the MUL looks to: improve educational and economic outcomes for underrepresented populations, identify new collaborative approaches between organizations, deepening the impact and improving services for community members.

Our moniker is, “Empowering Communities, Changing Lives,” but we need your help to achieve this and we need you to be the change to help make this happen. By each of you being the change you assist the MUL in accomplishing more goals, implementing more programming and resources and continuing to move our community in a positive direction. Together we are the change, and we can change the stories that negatively impact the narrative so we can change Milwaukee together.

Past Presidents and CEO’s

1919-21                       Ambrose Nutt

1921-28                       J. Harvey Kerns

1928-59                       William V. Kelley

1959-81                       Wesley L. Scott

1981-85                       Bernard W. Benn

1985-91                       Jacqueline J. Patterson

1991-94                       Walter C. Brame

1994-02                       Kenneth F. Little

2002-17                       Ralph E. Hollmon

2017 – Present          Dr. Eve M. Hall

Call Us: 414.374.5850

Milwaukee Urban League

435 W. North Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53212

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