a special PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE from dr. eve m. hall


I am sending you this personal message as President and CEO of the Milwaukee Urban League because we need each other now more than ever. It is only through unity and compassion, that we will overcome our feelings of isolation and find new ways to support one another.

This week represents the first month of a city, county, state, and country being turned upside down due to COVID-19 running rampant amongst us regardless of race, gender or creed. It has changed the way we live life and connect. It has created a need for physical distancing to survive, forcing an all-time high in the major use of technology and phones to connect.

And while this crisis has unfortunately at times created divisiveness given this is an election year, the situation has also created a stronger sense of appreciation and respect for each other, and an interconnectedness that reminds us that we are in this together. Our willingness to obey or not to obey the temporary new restrictions will determine how quickly we get a handle on the virus, so consider wearing masks when going out and staying home unless you are going out for essentials. 

For those on the front lines, providing essential support, on behalf of the Milwaukee Urban League board and staff, we thank you for your work and service to this community. You are risking your lives to keep us afloat and enable us to survive day by day. We don’t take that lightly and continuously pray for your safety, and we urge employers to keep employees safe with masks and gloves as they are available.

Finally, one of the hardest results of this pandemic is its impact on the African American community, especially men in their 50s and 60s with pre-existing health conditions along with other communities of color.

The historical socioeconomic inequities of lower-wage jobs, jobs of which one cannot work from home (a disadvantage in today’s climate), underinsured, health insurance with high deductibles and co-pays or no benefits and play a huge role in the vulnerability of underserved communities.

While we war with the growing effects of this virus, we’re prepared to show everyone there is still hope. Every day as the Milwaukee Urban League team works remotely, we are assisting job seekers on employment, exploring new ways to interface and support students, families, and educators while schools are closed, and directing the public to community resources on our website. 

We continue to work hard on behalf of the clients we serve. Together, we rise Milwaukee. Stay safe and be strong.”


Dr. Eve M. Hall

President and CEO

Milwaukee Urban League

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