a special PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE from dr. eve m. hall


In my previous message to you, I emphasized the importance of maintaining unity and compassion throughout the pandemic, the need to survive by social distancing and mask mandates, and I thanked our essential workers of the world. I am sending you this personal letter as President and CEO of the Milwaukee Urban League because we still need each other now more than ever and there is no better time than now for change.

Since my last message, we have reached over a year living with COVID-19 which has ravished the world and disproportionately affected us all, especially Black people and other communities of color. 2020 was a whirlwind to say the least. Between the election year, the loss of Black lives at the hands of police brutality, and the loss of lives due to COVID—2020 taught us all to cherish our time on Earth.

As we entered 2021 with new leadership in the White House, and new discoveries in science that have led to a COVID vaccination rollout, it is apparent that we all are yearning for a sense of normalcy and a renewal of life.

Amid the Derek Chauvin trial, a rise in violent attacks toward Asian Americans that has led to the creation of the #StopAsianHate campaign, and most recently, the killing of 20-year-old Daunte Wright in Minnesota—these social justice realities we have continued to witness through social media and technology has shown how imperative it is that we all remain united in the fight to enact change.

Our justice system must do the right thing regardless of race, gender, or creed, but history has shown us that lives lost unjustly are not always properly vindicated. It is important that we all stay determined to make a change in this country. Join us and the National Urban League by demanding that the Senate pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Visit NUL’s site or text JUSTICENOW to 52886 to get started.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having today’s technology highlight important issues like police brutality and racially charged violent attacks. It has made it easier to constantly consume media and stay up to date on news, but we must remind ourselves to detach from reality sometimes and practice self-care. Constantly witnessing violent acts and senseless killings can take a mental toll and desensitize us. Remain proactive in creating change in communities, but also take care of yourself.

To those providing essential support in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, on behalf of the Milwaukee Urban League board and staff, we thank you for your diligent service to our communities.

As the Milwaukee Urban League team continues to work remotely and create a hybrid-office model by slowly transitioning back into a renovated building—We are keeping education, employment, and advocacy at the top of our 2021 mission as we continue to work diligently on behalf of the clients we serve. Stay safe, Milwaukee.


Dr. Eve M. Hall
President and CEO
Milwaukee Urban League

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