History is in the making this year as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Milwaukee Urban League. We have accomplished a great deal through improved access to education, health care, housing, jobs and social justice, yet the need for our services and leadership have never been greater as critical racial gaps and disparities continue to exist.

The decline of American manufacturing over the years has thrown growing numbers of once thriving African-American families and communities into cultural and economic isolation. Too many families are trapped in poverty and poor housing, along with youth dropping out of school at a time when employers in southeastern Wisconsin are desperate for new employees.

The Milwaukee Urban League is committed to changing the narrative. With your support, we can create and expand programs to advance economic stability, and improve educational outcomes. We invite everyone to join our movement and share in the progress that we strive to achieve each and every day. Our message is simple: “We can, and we will succeed by working together.” Come join us!

Past Presidents and CEO’s

1919-21                       Ambrose Nutt

1921-28                       J. Harvey Kerns

1928-59                       William V. Kelley

1959-81                       Wesley L. Scott

1981-85                       Bernard W. Benn

1985-91                       Jacqueline J. Patterson

1991-94                       Walter C. Brame

1994-02                       Kenneth F. Little

2002-17                       Ralph E. Hollmon

2017 – Present          Dr. Eve M. Hall

Call Us: 414.374.5850

Milwaukee Urban League

435 W. North Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53212

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